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Metal Detectors

Detect both ferrous and non-ferrous tramp metal in magnetic ores, highly mineralized products and food products even when conveyed on steel cable belts. The detection system operates by measuring the change in received electromagnetic signal of material being conveyed through the sensor area. Since the magnetic properties of a material are completely independent of conductivity, both magnetic and non-magnetic tramp metals are consistently detected.

1220 Metal Detector

Eriez 1220 Aggregate Metal DetectorThe Model 1220 Metal Detector is an economical design for applications requiring detection of bucket teeth and other large damaging pieces of ferrous and nonferrous metals. It is pre-fabricated to fit CEMA standard conveyors with belt widths up to 48″, and the coil spacing can be field adjusted up to 23.5″ to handle most standard application requirements.

1230 Metal Detector

The Model 1230 Metal Detector is engineered for installation on conveyor belts carrying coal, minerals, aggregates and other bulk materials. It can be tuned to ignore conductive or magnetic ores such as magnetite and pyrite, even if they are carried by high tension, steel corded belts with rip detection loops, while still detecting small pieces of tramp metal. The Model 1230 is available in nearly any belt width and can be field adjusted to fit most standard conveyor configurations.

1235 Metal Detector

The Model 1235 Metal Detector has the unique ability to detect and discriminate between magnetic and non-magnetic tramp metals. Installing the Model 1235 Metal Detector with the magnet activation circuit before a Suspended Electromagnet allows the 1235 to control the magnet power based on the presence of magnetic tramp metal, which will enable the customer to conserve energy and save money. When non-magnetic metal is detected, a separate relay activates which can be used to stop the belt for manual removal. The 1235 can also be adjusted to stop the belt when oversized magnetic metal is detected, which may be too large for the magnet to remove. The Model 1235 Metal Detector can be designed to fit on a variety of conveyors and to accommodate numerous belt widths.

1241 Metal Detector

The Model 1241 Metal Detector is designed primarily for scanning whole logs on conveyors or chutes for all types of tramp metal, magnetic and non-magnetic, to protect hogs and de-barkers. It is also ideal for applications requiring large openings and high metal sensitivities. It is constructed of high strength compression molded fiberglass, resulting in a structurally sound lightweight metal detector that is vibration, dust and water resistant.

1250 Metal Detector

The Model 1250 Metal Detector is the most sensitive metal detector of all the Model 1200 Series. It is suited for installation on conveyor belts carrying coal, minerals, aggregates and other bulk materials. The Model 1250 is available with two controls, E-1 and E-6. The modular design of the Model 1250 MD makes it easy to install without having to cut the belt or utilize special tools. The field replaceable electronics are also easy to operate and maintain.

1260 Metal Detector

Designed to prevent conveyor belt damage due to long rods piercing the belt at transfer points or jamming the transfer point, the Model 1260 Metal Detector selectively detects long metal objects of a given diameter and length, as well as normal tramp metals greater than the rod diameter. As is the case with the other 1200 Series Metal Detectors, the Model 1260 is also compatible with fabric or steel corded conveyor belts, and belts with metal splices.